Our chais are made with milk, tea (almost all of them with black tea) and a spice mix containing cardamon, anise, fennel, clove, ginger and cinnamon.
Their complex recipe gives the chai its interesting flavor which is almost impossible to describe.
For Chai lovers: Try our Tiger Spice chai its very strong aroma makes it very interesting, if you'd rather enjoy a softer flavor try the Green Honey (made with green tea) or the Elephant Vanilla.
Our Maple Moose chai has a strong cinnamon flavor which gives the chai a Canadian touch which might be the reason for it being one of the most popular teas at our first Canadian store.

Recommended Toppings:

We recommend our tapioka pearls, which harmonize perfectly with our chais. Another highlight: Try one of our chais with a shot of espresso. We are sure you haven't tried anything like that before.