the FRESH TEA SHOP - Toppings

Tea Cocktail

Fruit Pearls:

  • Our Fruit pearls differ from what is widely known as bubbles in their quality. Instead of using gelatin or something similar we use an extract of an algae known as Aga-Aga. This is why our fruit pearls have the texture of little grapes. Also the filling has less calories and more flavor.

Natural toppings:

  • Basil seeds are prepared by us in the stores by soaking basil seeds in water. They are a perfect topping for all our fruity teas and not only a pretty addition to your cup, but also contain many vitamins and omega3 fatty acids.

  • Tapioka are made out of the starch of the manioc root and maple sirup. They are soft on the outside and chewy on the inside with a sweet flavor. They go well with our milk and chai teas.

  • Nata de Coco are little cubes made out of fermented coconut water and originally come from the Philippines.


  • Extra Sirup: One shot (1,5cl) of our high quality fruit sirups

  • Lemon juice: One shot (1,5cl) of pure lime juice, very refreshing

  • Espresso shot: The perfect topping for our chai teas and not only the extra caffeine kick in the morning, but also a completely experience of flavor