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Pure Tea

With our pure teas and tea blends we offer you exclusive teas which are grown only in certain mountainous areas of Taiwan also called Formosa by tea lovers.
The tea leaves we use for our teas guarantee you an authentic and intense tea flavor that does not need any artificial aromas.
Our tea is grown naturally and organically without the use of any pesticides, growth enhancers or chemical fertilizer. Only when the leaves are fully grown, they are harvested. This results in a tea with more nutrients and a more natural and full-bodied flavor. This is the reason why its delicate taste and smell still lingers after you finished your cup.
Our pure teas are based on green tea, oolong tea and black tea – either pure or as a blend with natural aromas. A description of each one can be found beneath.

Green Tea

This tea is completely unfermented and therefore the pristine taste of organically grown tea remains. The taste is subtle and natural and the tea only contains few stimulants. Because it lacks the typical bitter taste that is often present in a green tea, it is a good choice for beginners.

Green Tea with Rose

Our pure green tea but as a blend with rose buds which give the tea a natural aroma, which has no need of artificial enhancers.

Green Tea with Osmanthus

This blend is made according to a traditional method of adding aroma to tea. Tea leaves have the ability to soak up other flavors which is used in this blend.
osmanthuspetals (also called devilwood) are added to our green tea. The mixture of green tea and osmanthus is perfect and does not need any other aromas. The infusion is clear and exudes a smell that reminds one of spring.

Green tea with Genmaicha

This tea is a blend of our green tea with roasted Daoyah-rice from Yilan which gives the tea a full-bodied rice flavor. This blend differs from Japanese Genmaichas as it combines the Japanese style with an exotic Taiwanese touch.

Oolong Tea

Our Oolong tea is semi-fermented it is full of aroma with a mild hint of sweetness in the aftertaste. It is made using traditional methods with an elongated heating and drying period.
Its flavor is comparable to Tie Guan Yin and its aroma still lingers after you finished your cup.

Oolong Jasmine

Freshly picked white magnolia petals and Taiwanese jasmine are combined with our oolong tea. The result is a light blend which reminds you of spring.
In the making of this blend first the magnolia petals are added and only after the tea soaked up their aroma the jasmine is added to give the tea its fine scent.
This process is what gives the tea its different aroma which make up three distinct layers of flavor. They harmonize perfectly as they are fresh, flowery and sweet.

Oolong Osmanthus

This blend is made just like the green tea osmanthus but instead of aromatizing green tea with the osmanthus (also devilwood) oolong tea is used.
Both the loose tea and the tea bags contain a generous amount of the flower petals and just like all our other pure teas it is made without any artificial flavors or aromas. Still it distinguishes itself from other similar blends as it doesn't only have a strong scent but also the strong flavor so many others lack.

Golden Oolong

The golden oolong is a roasted much longer than our pure oolong. It is heated and dried over a longer period of time until the tea leaves oxidize completely. It's cup is strong and resembles old tea. It is made up of an aromatic sweetness and a ful—flavored aftertaste.
Enjoyed it with or after a meal.

Black Tea

Our black tea is a fully fermented tea which is made using improved techniques. This is the reason for its unique flavor. It is a rather soft black tea with a natural sweet scent and is made without any artificiall aromas.
It is a pleasant surprise for lovers of black tea.

Black Tea Lemongrass

Our black tea is infused with naturally grown Taiwanese lemon grass.
Its is refreshing and full of flavor.

Black Tea Ginger

Black tea with an aroma similar to honey infused with dried ginger. Those aromas are perfect for each other and don't loose their own flavor characteristics when combined.